We recently rebranded as Mind Your Business (previously Mena B Global) and we now offer an even wider range of positive psychology and coaching services. This includes corporate consulting for company executives and their work teams.

Other services offered include:

  • Focused Psychological Strategies, examples being CBT, Psycho-education and Relaxation Training. Clients with Mental Health Care Plans, referred by the doctor, and which attract Medicare rebates. A gap fee applies. This includes Telehealth consultations.
  • (WorkCover, CTP injury claims or clients of Department of Veterans Affairs (no cost to the client).
  • Life Coaching / Personal Development – incorporates Neuroscience and Success Mindset Principles.
  • Elite Coaching Programs for individuals, Business Executives and Corporate work teams.
  • Corporate Consulting

You will benefit from Filomena’s experience and expertise that spans 30+ years, working with people of all ages and backgrounds, and guiding them to  live happier and more fulfilling lives. Let this moment be your spring board to excellence regardless of external circumstances, especially moving forward into a post-COVID-19 landscape.

Please contact Filomena if you would like more information, or to book your 50 minute Positive Psychology Coaching Session (Discounted fee of $150 AUD until 30th July, 2020). This is your opportunity to explore specific areas that you would like to improve in your personal life or business.  You will receive a blueprint for moving forward with clarity of purpose.  The coaching session also includes a set of evidence-based self report surveys.  

Transparency:  FROM TIME TO TIME This site MAY promote products and services from affiliate partners that we trust, and which we believe to be of excellent quality and which may enhance the well being of our clients and visitors to this site. Some of these may attract a financial reward to affiliates.